Immersive content creation for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
and Mixed Reality – Three-dimensional environments where
the user can freely browse around and interact with

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds – VR gives tension to monotonous activities!

Imagine, for example, that a treadmill is no longer monotonous but particularly exciting!
A treadmill in which you explore the jungle of Bolivia in the VR or
a bike in the gym, you participate virtually in a cycling race …
Your idea is our project!

    • Explore your travel destinations using Virtual Reality
    • As a firefighter, you are virtually fighting a major fire
    • Realistic virtual reality simulations for high demands
    • Experience simulations that are very close to real reality

See the world in a different way – discover new dimensions!

VR Gamifications – Learning – Education – Discovery
Support the learning of new languages, history, geography, etc. playfully with VR

    • Treadmill VR – more fun on the treadmill
    • There are no limits to the possibilities!
    • Learning and teaching in professional development
    • The ancient world can be experienced more realistically in the history lesson by means of Virtual Reality and thus promotes the learning outcome

Augmented reality for your project!

Online shops and catalogs can gain considerable added value with AR and thus win more customers.
The possibilities are almost limitless and just wait to be implemented

    • VR Real Estate, plan the decor of your apartment through your smartphone
    • Product marketing in the sales area through unique additional information
    • Show ideas, drawings and plans directly as 3D animations

Some examples of your brainstorming …

    • VR visits
    • VR helicopter sightseeing flights
    • VR driving safety training
    • Travel Destinations with VR for Travel Agencies
    • House tours in VR for real estate agents
    • Virtual tours for museums and VR institutions
    • VR motivation increase for gyms
    • Stress simulations for fire brigades and Co.
    • Apps for Augmented Reality
    • Interactive 360 ​​° videos
    • Various VR / AR Games